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At Abbott Blackstone International, we proudly offer a wide range of premium coconut products that cater to diverse needs. As a trusted European importer and wholesaler, we provide high-quality organic desiccated coconut in various forms and shapes: chips, smiles, medium, fine, flakes and even toasted or sweetened chips.

We also provide organic coconut blossom sugar. Our coconut products are sourced from Sri Lanka, a premium location amongst the various coconut countries, ensuring exceptional taste and superior quality.

Our coconut products are available for wholesale purchase in bulk quantities, allowing you to meet the demands of your business. Our organic coconut chips are a perfect addition to cereals, granolas, or baked goods, providing a delightful crunch and natural sweetness. Our coconut smiles offer a satisfying combination of chewiness and tropical flavour for those seeking an indulgent treat.

Additionally, our coconut blossom sugar is an excellent alternative to traditional sweeteners, with its subtle caramel notes enhancing anyone’s recipes.

Experience the versatility and health benefits of coconut with Abbott Blackstone International. Visit our website to explore our extensive range of organic and conventional coconut products.

Contact us today at to inquire about wholesale pricing and start incorporating the goodness of coconut into your offerings.

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